Here are some more Valentine Card Ideas

These are the latest Valentine cards I created using my extra pieces after finishing my original Valentine Cards. What do you think?

Valentine Card 01 loisfolladotcom Valentine Card 02 loisfolladotcom Valentine Card 03 loisfolladotcom

The card below, I actually just to a dear friend who lost her Mom yesterday.

Valentine Card 04 loisfolladotcom

The card below I’m saving to send to someone as Hello card… you’re on my mind! It’s always  nice to receive a card for no reason at all.  Not your birthday, not a holiday, just because.

Do you send out any Just Because Cards or Thinking of You Cards?  Why not?? Think about it, wouldn’t you love to receive them? Since you make cards, SEND THEM! 🙂

Guess what, it does not have to be for any special occasion either!  Good Grief, I’m brilliant… {wink}

Hey, if you would like to send me a card, I’d love one and I’ll even showcase it on my Blog!!  Lois Folla, 755 Hardean Road, Brick, New Jersey 08724 (shameful beg, don’t you think… tee hee) Even Stampin’ Up! instructors love to receive cards!

Valentine Card 05 loisfolladotcom


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