Moving On Down The Road

I just realized I have not shared this adorable card my stamping friends gave me before I moved. It’s so clever and fitting.

When we moved in December 2019, we had planned on visiting family and friends in various states in 2020. But then the china virus hit and changed the US and the world for a while. We are strong and will always survive! We will be back to normal soon and we are looking forward to visiting our family and friends soon!

It’s so uplifting to talk with family and friends but to seeing them face to face will be a blessing. Please don’t let folks that are doom and gloom get to you! Keep the Faith Always!

The US just passed 500K deaths, be strong, reach out to loved ones and friends! I have many extra cards, please let me know if you need any, I would be honored to mail you a gift package to share and enjoy with others. Or if you have someone you would like me to send a card to, please let me know. Putting a smile on a face and a hug in their heart is always important, and I’m here for you!

We always need to lift up each other, but even more during this time. Things are getting better. We pray for all who lost loved ones and for those suffering from the virus.

I feel like it’s a silent war, but we will win, we are! Thanks to the warp speed program and the wonderful scientists, we had a have a vaccine since the Fall of last year!

It’s been almost a year since the US and the world awoke to the china virus, but don’t despair, keep the faith and stay positive. We are almost through this. The more people get vaccinated, the safer our country and the world becomes.

God Bless and Be Well!

Thank you for stopping by!

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