Happy Thanksgiving Cart Card

There were quite a few stamps that went into creating this card, but when you were finished, you didn’t want to give it away, oops, I mean it was worth it and had to decide who on your card list was ‘Card Worthy‘.

Your Card Worthy List is a whole other story. I don’t want to assume you know what that is, so I’ll share, Lois’ Dictionary meaning:

Card Worthy: pronounced as it looks ‘card worthy‘, noun/verb, means – person who appreciates a handmade card. Shows others with joy, notices all the various techniques, colors, accessories as well as layering, embossing, punching etc. One who places the card in the main living space in the home to enjoy every day until they finally decides to put it away. Most importantly they saves it forever. Ha ha ha

Hope you had a giggle out of my definition of what a Card Worthy Person is.

Not all on my card list are ‘card worthy people’ but I still send them a card. The card is a simpler one because I know it’s going in the trash within hours of opening them. Now, I’m okay with that, but it does determine if I will make a simpler card or a WOW card. But my simpler cards are still beautiful! Many times a simple card fits all categories!

Have a wonderful day!

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