Stampin Up Classic Ink Pads Tip

Here is an organization tip for your New Stampin Up Classic Ink Pads. I hope you find it helpful.

Did you can order our Stampin Up Classic Ink Pads by collection (all the colors in that collection) or individually?

Collections To Choose from are:

Brights Classic Ink Pad Collection

Neutrals Classic Stampin Pad Collection

Regals Classic Ink Pad Collections

Subtles Classic Ink Pad Collections

We also have In Color Collections that are current for two years before retiring. Click HERE for 2020-2022 In Color Classic Ink Pads and Click HERE for 2019-2021 In Color Classic Ink Pads.

Once you receive your Stampin Up Classic Ink Pad(s) I hope you find the below tips helpful.

Please unwrap your Class Ink Pad soon after you receive your order to make sure it is fine! If there is a problem please notify me immediately so I can replace it.

Turn over your ink pad and pull the ‘tap’ off gently as shown below.

Now that you’ve done that you can see the label you are going to use and will be able to grab and pull it off the back much more easily.

For English, pull off the top label Color Name and place it on the side the ink pad opens. You will see an indent for your fingers to help open the case. Please see photo below.

These Ink Pads open like a women’s make-up compact. Nice and easy!

Next, cut two pieces off any color label sticker and place one on the opposite side of the ink pad. This will help you to view what color the ink is from both sides of the ink pad. Please see photo below.

Using the second piece of color label you cut, place inside of ink pad. This will show you the ink pad color you are working with. Please see photo below.

I do this to all my ink pads for easy use. If you have had your ink pads a while, then I would suggest you cut two small pieces of card stock and using glue dots adhere them as I showed above. I hope you enjoyed this tip.

If you have any of your own tips or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for dropping by!

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