More Monogram Note Cards by Stampin Press

Funny thing, Michelle “M” has been my PT (Physical Therapist) for a while now, and I’ve never made her Monogram Note cards… But here I’m making a Monogram Note Card set for Maggie, who’ve I’ve only known since the beginning of summer… LOL

Hum, what’s wrong with that picture?

I need to prepare for my class at Renaissance this Saturday and our Stamping Club Class next Wednesday and Friday so I really need to manage my time wisely… HA!

But before I put away all the stamps I used making “M” monogram note cards, I made Michelle some. She likes blues so I change up the colors a little. I did not make her elephant cards. That was for Maggie : )

I will be making more monogram cards for Michelle that I will share, but for now.. here are a few more..

If you have any questions or need any supplies just let me know! I’m happy to assist with your paper crafting needs and ideas!

These cards are honestly so quick, easy and fun to make! I always put my personalized stamp on the back so they know it was made just for them by me!

Gift 04 MIchelle PT.jpg

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Well, I better get going so I can finish preparing for my three up coming classes. Yippee!

If you are able to attend any of my classes at the Jersey Shore, which is were I live (Brick, NJ) please contact me! I look forward to hearing from you!

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Have a great day!

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