My BFF went back Home to God….

We aren't here forever, and we don't know when our time is up. So enjoy every minute of everyday and live it as though it was your last…. 

Terry came over to visit from Long Island, New York a 3 hour trip, last weekend, Saturday February 18th.  

I never expected to loss her a week later. But she is back home with Christopher her 1-1/2 year old son, Dad and other loved ones.

As we said goodbye on Saturday, February 25, (7:29 PM) – they waved and Welcomed her home.


RIP: Teresa Tenebruso Figueroa was born in New York on August 9, 1964 and passed away on February 25. 2012 

Terry 02


I made this card for her mom.  I'll be going to Terry's wake tomorrow.  May God continue to bless and look over her son Justin 19, Mom, family and friends.

Wings Card Terry T 0 25 2012


May Peace Be With You Today and Always!

All My Love,

Lois your BFF

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