Stampin’ Up! Race Car Card

Hi Friends!

Vicky wanted to make birthday invitations for her son using an awesome 'but retired' stamp set that Danielle was so kind to let her borrow. (BTW – have YOU checked the Stampin' Up! Retired Lists yet!?!)

Vicky called me and asked if I could help her design a card. I LOVE doing this!   Below is what I came up with, for the front of the card.  Then she turned it into a cute invitation card:)


I must confess, I do not have this stamp set, I do not know WHY I didn't purchase it before it retried.  I do not have sons, but it's adorable and I do have nephews.  The back side of the card says 'Stampin' Up!' can you see it? 

So after designing and playing with this car for Vicky's card, I called Danielle up and asked if she could stamp me a full page of cars.  I want to make a card like this for my nephew Anthony.  He is turning 14 but still LOVES cars! 

Danielle being a doll - stamped up 20 cars for me!  So I'll be set for a little while… :)  Thanks again Danielle!

Hope your day is zoomin' along great!

Lois Folla

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