Stampin’ Supply List from our Stampin’ Up! Catalog

Hello Friends,

You may have noticed the 2009 Spring Summer Idea Book & Catalog does not have the Stampin' Supplies for every project in the back of the book like we used to.  I don't know about you, but my jaw dropped when I noticed that!  I use that alot! 

Stampin' Up! is always working on changing things for the better, and once again they did!  We now have the Supply List for all the projects available online with the picture of the project next to the list of ingredient! 

To make it easy for you, I've added the Stampin' Supply List on my Blog, on the bottom left hand side. 

I will always have the Current Supply List and the Dormant List here on my Blog for you to view. 

I like making things fun, easy and organized:) 

I hope my Blog will become a source of needed information for you.  A one stop shopping and information spot:) 

Thank you for being apart of my Blog!


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